The 1597 Tj Collective strives to stop municipal police abuse


After the issuance of the injunction issued in the trial 1597/2018 that we sued against the violation of the right of access to information occured by the statements of former Mayor of Tijuana, Gastelum, the district judge ordered the Municipal Presidency of Tijuana -among other effects – Make sure that the detentions of migrants meet the requirements of the law, as well as that municipal public servants refrain from handing over the foreigners they detain to the National Migration Institute. The judge clarified to the Municipal President that the competence of the Municipal Police does not include requesting immigration documents from foreigners, much less detaining them for not having such documentation.

To advance consistency with the commitments that the adjudicator forced on city specialists, Alma Migrante planned a legitimate technique that was applied interestingly a year ago, in February and March, by local basic liberties safeguards who established the 1597 Tj Collective in June 2020. 

Since then, the group began a process of appropriation of the legal defense strategies proposed by Alma Migrante, based on the amparo trial and now as part of the community knowledge, the group is preparing to disseminate it in the community. For almost a year, the 1597 Tj Collective has worked with the great creativity of its members in the construction of communication campaigns on the case, as well as in the elaboration and improvement of a protocol to achieve the documentation of cases of non-compliance with the orders of the judge, especially in three hypotheses:

  1. Request immigration documents from foreigners;
  2. Arbitrary detentions of Mexican and foreign migrants;
  3. Delivery of foreigners to the National Migration Institute after being detained by the municipal police.

The Colectivo 1597 Tj makes progress towards the end the maltreatment of the city police in the city of Tijuana, which has likewise been called PoliMigra because of the illicit blend of the faculties of both corporations acting cooperatively to confine and extradite transient individuals on an enormous and consistent schedule. 

During the workshop on May 25, a portion of the human rights defenders who are essential for the 1597 Tj Collective were available and the local area became more acquainted with them and asked them inquiries about their vision. At the occasion, they remarked that it is vital that more migrant protectors participate in checking and documenting these ways that municipal authorities neglect to comply with the appointed authority’s orders. 

That is the reason we open the door to welcome you to join the 1597 Tj Collective, through contact with any of the organizations that comprise it.

To become familiar with them and furthermore more data about the gathering, we welcome you to peruse the functioning report arranged by our associates from the American Friends Service Committee-LAC, called “Weaving organizations: verbalization drives for perception, checking and political support”, which incorporates that of the Colectivo 1597 Tj as an encounter of explanation of local area based common associations, among others, for example, basic freedoms habitats, the scholarly world and other key entertainers for the perception, observing and activities of political frequency and mindfulness on the Situation of the populaces with regards to human portability at the provincial level on the northern and southern lines of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. 

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