Alma Migrante, A.C. is a non-profit organization based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

We share our experience in legal defense with the community of migrant rights defenders to guarantee migrants have access to justice against the abuse of power by national authorities in our region.

We design and carry out community strategies and support and defend the work of migrant rights defenders.


Our experience

Anyone whose human rights have been violated has the right to appear before jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional, national, and international institutions to ask for restoration of their affected rights.


Our ultimate beneficiaries

Migrants are people who find themselves in situations that force them to move from their place of residence.

People seeking asylum or complementary protection.

People who flee from other countries seek protection in Mexico from persecution due to nationality, social group, religious or political beliefs, gender identity, among others.

Economic migrants

People who seek better opportunities in a place other than their residence to attain livelihood security for their families still living in their local community.


Mexican nationals who have been deported from other countries to Mexican territory, mainly from the United States of America.

Victims of forced internal displacement

People who flee from one place to another in our own country to protect themselves or their families from imminent dangers to their life or physical integrity.

Migrant rights defenders

Our direct beneficiaries

Over the last three decades and in different state municipalities, the Baja California region has witnessed a growing multicultural community of people dedicated to providing protective accompaniment and defending migrant rights in Baja California.

Some defenders carry out their work as leaders of non-profit organizations; others support migrants independently. They are our direct beneficiaries since they have the most important traits to be human rights defenders: love for others and a passion for defending other human beings.


Tijuana was built by migrants and has been a city that values hospitality and multiculturalism, which explains its strong binational identity. It is a land of origin, transit, and reception.

Alma Migrante was created in June 2017 after its founder, attorney Graciela Zamudio Campos, ended her term as Coordinator of the Regional Office of the National Human Rights Commission, based in Tijuana. During her time as a public official, she met Xally Guadalupe Uribe Núñez, while they were both volunteers at one of the oldest migrant shelters in the city. Their work and efforts gave rise to Alma Migrante.

Also, during her time at the Human Rights Commission, Graciela met the local community of migrant rights defenders, their work, and the disparities between their actions and the abuse of power by national authorities in the absence of strategies to access justice to protect the rights of their clients.

Human rights defenders in Tijuana and Mexicali face different challenges, such as the lack of recognition of both the knowledge and experience they have attained through their work. The majority work to promote and defend migrants’ human rights without any financial compensation.

Non-profit work is often perceived as unpaid work, which is a major obstacle to advancing their work and that of their organizations.

Furthermore, the limited availability of legal services increases the vulnerability of their activities.

Alma Migrante decided to overcome these obstacles by providing legal assistance to defenders to fight for migrant rights and achieve access to justice.

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Durante poco más de dos años de trabajo en Baja California, hemos entregado más de una decena de talleres a la comunidad local de personas defensoras de los derechos humanos de las PCMH.

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