What do we do

“We want to help strengthen the community of human rights defenders in immigration matters, which is already very powerful, with our experience”

Influence the strategic, multidisciplinary and community defense of the human rights of people in the context of human mobility on the northern border through adequate training in access to justice for human capital that defends this population in the state of Baja California.

The regional community of defenders of the rights of persons in the context of human mobility has extensive first-hand experience in caring for this population, which is why Alma Migrante, A.C. puts at your service the transmission of experience in matters of access to justice so that community initiatives in this area have long-term autonomy.


We share helpful tools with regional defenders to help them address challenges to migrants' rights through collaboration.

Access to justice workshops



“We ensure that migrant rights defenders can carry out their defense strategies adequately, independently and autonomously, through our three services.”

Legal technical advice

We provide technical and legal consulting through lawyers specializing in access to justice and care for migrant rights defenders in the region to strengthen their initiatives and leadership.

Accompaniment program for human rights defenders

We accompany migrant rights defenders while they manage their cases.We support defenders through case analysis and critical path design and follow-up until their cases close. Migrant rights defenders gain experience in solving problems of access to justice by settling the cases they manage.

Access to justice workshops

We collaborate with regional human rights defenders through relevant networking, case studies, and understanding of national and international regulations regarding the defense of migrants' rights.


Multidisciplinary litigation in immigration matters to promote international protection standards for the rights of migrants and their defenders.

  • We design and develop lawsuits to address the main concerns of the regional community of migrant rights defenders, focusing on helping as many defenders as possible.
  • We represent members of the community of human rights defenders when their rights are affected by public servants or agencies in Mexico due to their work serving migrants.
  • We represent asylum seekers in Mexico in their administrative procedures and before administrative and judicial courts.
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