Alma Migrante signs a collaboration agreement with the Barra Mexicana Foundation, Mexican Bar Association, Baja California Chapter


-To guarantee the rights of the migrant population.

-All rights for all people


TIJUANA.- Last Thursday, May 26, the master Graciela Zamudio, executive director of Alma Migrante A.C. gave the session The rights of the migrant population: Dialogue based on the Tijuana case and Judgment 1597/2018.


In her participation, she socialized the resolution at the local level of strategic litigation unique in Mexico, which began in Baja California: Sentence 1597/2018.


In addition to promoting that all people be equal before the law, Judgment 1597/2018 informs the population about the Amparo trial made in 2018 against the illegal collaboration between the Municipal Police and the National Migration Institute (PoliMigra).


After the end of the session, the aforementioned was signed and the president of the Baja California Chapter of the Mexican Bar Association, Leonardo Abarca Jiménez, participated as an honored witness in said collaboration, which seeks to guarantee the rights of people in a condition of migration and provide them with legal protection through pro bono work.


“I think we have a common goal, which is the defense of the human rights of the most unprotected and that leads us to make an agreement and an agreement where the lawyers also commit to helping this great work and this great cause”, said Dolores Aguinaco Bravo, President of the Board of the Barra Mexicana Foundation.


“It is a source of inspiration to know that, in the end, you can change things, change a person’s life. We took Alma Migrante’s work as inspiration. As lawyers, the best way to influence is through pro bono work, we have a responsibility (…) Nobody wants to leave their country, they do so due to conditions of poverty, marginalization, or wars. We have to change and be a reason for the change in society, it is mandatory, we have the tools”, said Claudia Aguilar Barroso, Legal Advisor of the Fundación Barra Mexicana.


Alma Migrante thanks the Mexican Bar Association, A.C. Bar Association, Baja California chapter, for the approach to working together. Likewise, this act endorses the commitment to guarantee the defense of the human rights of migrants, providing legal protection through pro bono work, the first step for the transformation of legal services.


This inter-institutional collaboration will promote the regularization of people in a context of mobility, based on a strategy for the defense of the human rights of migrants and a policy of protection of their human rights from civil society.


The community is invited to send cases of regularization through the email

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