Alma Migrante participates in the Northwest Research and Teaching Station Seminar of the Historical Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. 



Alma Migrante had the pleasure of being present at the Northwest Research and Teaching Station Seminar (ENID, by its acronym in Spanish) of the UNAM Historical Research Institute, which took place in the city of Tijuana, Baja California.



As part of the activities of the ENID Seminar, the master, Graciela Zamudio Campos, director of Alma Migrante, gave a keynote speech on her work in the border context, within the framework of the event on National Identity and the migrant community: Central America-Mexicanism-North American.



During the presentation, the master Graciela Zamudio said that the organization “Alma migrante was born to create legal strategies that serve migrants from different perspectives, paying special attention to human rights defenders, access to information and access to justice are two of the important rights for the legal protection of human rights defenders, so for the most disadvantaged population to be well protected, human rights defenders must also be protected”. 



Three topics were addressed in the presentation:



  • The strategies that the organization has implemented to comply with protection sentences for legitimate interest.


  • The need to communicate to the population outside the migrant community the work of human rights defenders and their needs.


  • Who are the people who are part of the defense community in Baja California.


We invite you to consult all the information and listen to the keynote by clicking here:

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