Concludes training with the pilot group of the Municipal Area of Attention to Migrants, around Judgment 1597/2018.

Last Thursday, July 28, at the Municipal DIF facilities, Training 1597/2018 was successfully concluded for the public servants of the Tijuana City Council with the aim of training the pilot group made up of workers from the Municipal Directorate of Attention to Migrants to promote respect, protection and guarantee of the human rights of the migrant population.


Through the participation of eight civil society organizations specializing in human rights and with local experience in Tijuana, 17 sessions were held, divided into seven blocks, which addressed information related to the legal framework for protection of human rights for migrant people. This, with the purpose of providing tools that allow public servants to guarantee the protection of the human rights of the migrant population, achieving progress in complying with the resolution of the Judicial Power of the Federation.


It should be noted that this training is given as a result of Sentence 1597/2018 promoted by Alma Migrante, which seeks to raise awareness about the illegality of illegal collaboration between the Municipal Police and the National Migration Institute (INM) and eradicate it, and thus improve the quality of life of migrants in the state of Baja California.


Likewise, among the organizations that designed the program proposal are: Alma Migrante A.C., SER Community Center, Asylum Access México, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Prevencasa AC, Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) México A.C. and the State Human Rights Commission of Baja California (CEDHBC), which were in charge of implementing the workshops in the first pilot group.


For its part, said training aims to escalate to other public servants such as the Municipal Police in order to promote awareness, respect and the full exercise of the human rights of the migrant population in Tijuana, through learning within the institutions.


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