Know your rights

Access to justice for the migrant population.


 By: Graciela Zamudio Campos 


We recently received a court notice. A suspension resolution of a federal judge in Baja California who, epically, conducted an analysis of the vulnerability of the migrants we represent and decided to order the immigration authority to release them without the need for bail to be set.


This is what access to justice for the population in the context of mobility looks like. It is a right that is always present in relation to other rights, in history, it becomes effective from the protection of the right to freedom of transit, which was affected by the migratory assurance of migrants due to their lack of immigration regularization.


Access to justice is the right we have to be heard by a court that protects us in our rights when they have been violated. Without a doubt, it is a right that only takes place in scenarios in which other rights are not being respected, so that we always understand it together with another that needs to be defended.


Unfortunately, access to justice in Mexico is not the general rule, we often see resolutions in which the freedom of people is conditional on the payment of a bail that is usually set by the only party in the trial who is interested in their survival. the assurance. Yes, by the immigration authority, who usually establishes bonds that cannot be paid by a person in the context of mobility.


That is why we applaud the resolution of the Second District Judge in Amparo Matters and Federal Trials in the state of Baja California, residing in the city of Tijuana, attorney Brando Arturo González Ramírez and his team, for being progressive in the protection of the rights of people in a context of mobility who arrive in our state.

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