Get ready! The presentation of the Annual Report of CSO Activities is coming

Remember that according to the Federal Law for the Promotion of Activities Carried out by CSOs Article 7, sections V and VI, one of the responsibilities of CSOs registered in the Federal Register of CSOs and that have their CLUNI, is to present an annual report on the activities. carried out and the fulfillment of its purposes.

The report is the summary of the work of the civil society organization, based on the fulfillment of its corporate purpose, providing transparency and rendering accounts to society of the public and / or private resources that were exercised in the reporting period ( INDESOL, 2021).

Its presentation is regularly made in the month of January of the year following the reporting period, keep an eye on the social networks of the National Institute for Social Development INDESOL and the Commission for the Promotion of Activities of Civil Society Organizations.


INDESOL, I. N. (February 2021). Obtained from Annual Report of CSO Activities 2020:

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