General Directorate for Welfare created


-Indesol had as part of its vision to be an instance that promoted and fostered the development of social actors and citizen participation with government agencies.


-One of the changes made in this 2022 by the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the disappearance of the National Institute of Social Development (Indesol), which was in charge of training, investigating and disseminating programs for women and in their place was established the creation of the General Directorate of Welfare and Social Cohesion.


By: Maritza Pérez, from El Economista


MEXICO.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed a decree to eliminate the National Institute for Social Development (Indesol) from the Ministry of Welfare, an organization that had the power to design and apply programs that prevent and combat causes such as teenage pregnancy, in addition to granting resources to women’s shelters and serving as a link between social organizations and government agencies.

Just one day before the end of 2021, the Mexican president ordered the elimination of Indesol, to create the General Directorate for Welfare and Social Cohesion, which will absorb most of the functions of said institute created in 1994.

Likewise, the functions that the General Directorate will have are marked, which for the most part are identical to those granted to Indesol, with the exception that the new directorate must assist the Development Program Planning and Evaluation Unit in the formulation of guidelines for the organization and participation of social groups in the planning, execution, follow-up and supervision of social development programs, from a culture of peace and social cohesion perspective, within the scope of its competence. While Indesol was the one who had the task of formulating said guidelines.

It should be noted that some opposition deputies lamented the disappearance of said institute and argued that the foregoing represents a serious setback for the human rights of association and participation in public affairs.


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