“A path to my freedom”: Inauguration of a new migrant shelter for the LGBTQ community in Tijuana

-Casa de Luz provides a safe space for those awaiting humanitarian asylum in the United States

By: Cinthya Gomez / Telemundo

TIJUANA- According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, members of the LGBTQ community in a migratory context face greater risk in Mexico.


In Tijuana, according to activists, in the last 3 months at least 200 people from the community have crossed in search of humanitarian asylum, while others are still waiting and need a safe place that can offer them a temporary home.


This is the case of Regina Aguilar, a migrant from the LGBTQ community, who arrived in Tijuana just a few days ago, fleeing to this border after being the victim of a homophobic attack.


“I had blows, I was in a coma for about three days and unfortunately I lost the audio from this ear that I can’t hear,” Aguilar told TELEMUNDO 20.


Aguilar now has a new shelter in Tijuana’s Casa de Luz. A renovated space to give shelter to the LGBTQ community in a migratory context.


 This organization currently houses 30 migrants like Sergio.


“Gays, trans, needy families, kids who also have needs, the house we had was not as equipped as it is, so it’s a big thing for us, because we’re from the community,” she said.


Like him, many members of the community have been victims in their places of origin and seek asylum in the United States.


“They attack you for being gay for being from the community. There they can’t see a gay man on the street because then they ‘bullying’ him and attack him,” he added.


For 4 years, Irving Mondragón, migrant and activist, arrived at the border in the midst of the caravans and since then has sought to provide support to those who need it through the Casa de la Luz, which this Wednesday celebrated having new facilities in Tijuana beaches.


“We are facing this crisis that is experienced with all people in mobility. We are human beings and we believe that there are many people who need support, human beings, supporting human beings is what we have to do regardless of religion, race, orientation, gender, identity, country,” said Mondragón.


This place has the support of San Diego activists like Jack Nooran, who through his organization supported the development of the property in what he considers a safe area with low crime.


“It’s a new home, we have a house for refugees who need a home while they wait to seek asylum in the United States and this house is a home that we found a year and a half ago, and we renovated to create this space. Our organization has one purpose and that is to help this Irving-led organization pay bills and support costs,” Nooran said.


This site has 20 rooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry area equipped with everything necessary for those who will have a space full of color there, but above all humanitarian aid.


“They have psychological support, they help you with lawyers to cross into the United States, they give you food, a roof to sleep, where you can stay and everything you need to be well,” said Sergio Marín, a migrant from the LGBTQ community.

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