Ongs celebrate the creation of a search table for missing migrants

By: La Jornada

Mexico City. Organizations celebrated that yesterday, “after three years of struggle,” the Search Table for Disappeared Migrants (MBPMD) was created, after the National System for the Search of Persons (SNBP) approved its formation on November 9.


Fundación para la Justicia, the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, the committees of migrant families from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, among others, pointed out that this table will help “to carry out the structured exchange in a more agile and efficient way. of information ”of the disappeared persons, between authorities, families and other organizations, to coordinate efforts and promote the search.


In the same way, they said that it will make it possible to assist in the investigations with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and facilitate the procedures, “at all levels, before the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE).”


They stressed that “thousands of migrants from Mexico, Central and South America try to reach the United States every year, facing serious dangers and challenges in their journey. Many and many of them are victims of various crimes, such as disappearance, homicide, kidnapping or trafficking, and they never reach their destination ”.


The organizations added that so far there are no reliable statistics that count how many migrants disappear in Mexican territory, “so the creation of the MBPMD gives families and society as a whole greater hope. It is an opportunity for the Mexican State to count strategic actions that find missing persons ”.


The “great challenge now,” they pointed out, is the implementation of actions that develop public policies and “pay off the historical debt” with the families of disappeared migrants and victims of massacres in Mexico.


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