What does it mean for human rights defenders to dedicate their lives to this work?

The soul of a migrant defender is full of courage, effort and dedication, for this reason we asked 8 human rights defenders of migrants who were present at the event: “The soul and history of migrant defenders”, Digital Narratives 2021 what does it mean for them to dedicate their lives to this work, we invite you to read their answers.

What has it meant for you to dedicate your life to the defense of human rights?

 Claudia Portella

A radical change in the way of being and acting, makes you see life in a different way, makes you look for the other, perhaps you find yourself defending things that you would not do it for yourself, but for the other if you can achieve it. do.

Lourdes Lizardi

For me it is a satisfaction, a pride and a mission, to arrive here in Tijuana and to be able to shelter all the people so vulnerable that nobody turns to see or know of their suffering, they only criticize, but they do not know for everything they have been through and how the displacement they live across countries affects them.

Judith Galindo

May the legacy that people have built endures, honor the memory of all who have dedicated their lives to others and work with love for others always for those who need it.

Elizabeth Sánchez 

Represents happiness and strong passion.

Daniel Bribiescas

The fact of being able to support the people who in my opinion are the most vulnerable implies a lot of satisfaction.

Being able to support this population that usually flees or migrates out of necessity and not out of pleasure, when you do it for pleasure it is another type of condition and generally those who have to help are those who flee due to the violence they suffer in their countries.

Andrea Rincón

It is to give a social purpose to my life, to remember that we are in this world in a very brief way and that I am the other person, since we live in community, collectively, we are indispensable to each other.

I like to show kindness and love towards other people, their stories and struggles, defend them from the vulnerability they are going through, to make a more just world.

Julia Gómez 

Empathy and solidarity that all people must have socially in order to have a better country and above all a better Tijuana for all the people who live here and who are migrants, or internal migrants as is my case.

 Nicolette Ibarra

I have experienced very difficult experiences, at the time there was no one to guide me and I did not know what to do when faced with complicated situations that I personally experienced.

 However, people also appeared who shook my hand and guided me. The years passed and as I was older I felt a little more strengthened by my experiences, now I see young people going through difficult things and now I have to give as well and that is what gives meaning to my life.

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