Border Report: They Volunteered To Shelter A Handful Of Migrants, And Suddenly Found 31 At Their Door

-The new year brings a lot of uncertainty, both for the migrants on the border between San Diego and Tijuana, and for the vast network of shelters that assist them with little or no support from the government.


We thank Voice of San Diego for recognizing the event in collaboration with the University of San Diego Mulvaney Institute: The Soul and Story of Migrant Defenders: Digital Narratives 2021 in the note titled: “Border Report: They Volunteered to house a handful of migrants, and all of a sudden they found 31 on their doorstep.”

It recognizes different defenders of the human rights of migrants who provide their support through shelters and show the challenges of the year 2022 characterized by a strong migratory flow.

We invite you to read the full note:…/border-report-they…/

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