They present the first collective murals created by the community of defenders of the migrant population in Mexicali and Tijuana.

-Mural Mexicali: Mezcla de Raíces

-Tijuana Mural: Tejiendo Resistencia

-Created in conjunction with local artists 


Alma Migrante successfully concluded the creation of two collective murals made in Mexicali and Tijuana by human rights defenders of migrants from Baja California together with local artists.


The first mural entitled “Mezcla de Raíces” was revealed on Wednesday, July 27 in Mexicali, and is located in Callejón Morelos, corner José María Morelos, next to the Lux Cinema, within reach of the people of Mexicali for their appreciation.


Eddy Lizarraga, Jasefrank Mariñez, Cristina Cruz and Alejandro Flores made up the team of artists who helped capture the ideas and feelings of the defenders who attended the Consensus Workshop of the Community for the Defense of the Migrant Population held at the Casa of the Culture of Mexicali, given by Ricardo Arana and Cynthia Ramírez, facilitators of the collective Cultiva Ya.


Through this workshop, the participating defenders: Altagracia Tamayo, director of Cobina A.C., Mónica Oropeza, director of the Albergue del Desierto, Tomas Diosdado, director of the Casa de Ayuda Alfa y Omega Albergue para Inmigrantes, Rosendo Belmonte Valencia, independent defender, Reyna Martínez , independent defender, Aurora Flores, Lucero Baca and Estrella de Jesús, from Albergue Mana, described what are the elements that motivate and represent them as part of the community that defends the human rights of the migrant population in their city, this as part of the application of the principles of community cultural development, informed by the specialist Faval Copedo.


During the presentation event, the master Graciela Zamudio, general director of Alma Migrante pointed out that this mural is the second of the four stages that make up a larger project, which seeks to celebrate the existence of the people of the region, who carry out altruistic work in society for the benefit of people in a context of mobility and in defense of their rights, as well as calling on the population to provide them with structural support based on a deeper understanding of who they are.


Authorities such as Alfredo Wong López, director of Imacum Arte Cultura, Rubén Chen, municipal delegate of the Historic Park, and Kevin Ernesto Moreno, Head of the Department of Urban Control of the Urban Administration Directorate of the Government of Mexicali, attended the presentation. 


For its part, on Friday, August 5, the presentation of the mural Tejiendo Resistencia was held in Tijuana. This mural is located on the Poniente expressway between Avenida De Los Héroes and Boulevard General M. Márquez de León of the Central Delegation.


Cristina Cruz, Alejandro Flores and Yadira Noble made up the team of artists and again, Ricardo Arana and Cynthia Ramírez gave the Consensus Workshop to members of the Tijuana defense community, which was held at the ICBC multiforum facilities.


The Tijuana workshop was attended by: Alex Mensing from Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Patrick Murphy from Casa del Migrante, Valeria Ruíz from YMCA, Claudia Portella from Padre Chava’s Desayunador, Paola Meza from Onama, Guadalupe Abraham from Asylum Access, Jorge Bustamante from Cesfom, Gina Garibo from the American Friends Committee, José Juan López Ramos- AHF Mexico AC, Rodrigo Hernández from the Albergue las Memorias, Julia Gómez from VIHctoria BC, Zayda Banda from the Embajadores de Jesús Church and Elizabeth Figueroa from Oxfam Mexico.


In the words of the director of the organization responsible for the project, this is an opportunity to get closer to the defense community and humanize ourselves with the example of their vocation, as well as make them visible so that it is known who works day by day so that society is every day more and more balanced from civil society.


Finally, the presentation of the Tijuana mural was attended by the Central Municipal Delegate, Héctor Riveros Moreno, the President of the Social Welfare Commission and the Executive Secretary of the State Human Rights Commission, Jorge Ochoa, who with their intervention extended congratulations to Alma Migrante and recognition of the work that the defender community carries out in their city, thus concluding the event.


Alma Migrante extends a strong and sincere thanks to all the people who were part of this project. Together we celebrate the existence of the defender community and inspire through art to join this laudable work, thank you for allowing us to fill Baja California with color.

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